Welcome to Goldwafers.

I'm sorry, the business closed on 21st July 2022, after 21 years trading.

The end of an era.

It's quite emotional when you come to the realisation, the company you set-up back in February 2001, that has served thousands of happy customers over the last 21 years, is no longer generating enough monthly income to sustain a living. Closing down isn't a decision I made lightly; I postponed closing the business back in January 2019, thinking, "things might pick up next month", they never did, they continued to decline. So it's with a heavy heart, I have to call it a day.

Thank you to all my fantastic customers / friends, who've supported me over the last 21 years, your business has been very much appreciated and I'm eternally grateful for your patronage, thank you so much, guys.

Best wishes, your friend, Lee.

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